Disclaimer: We are not a talent or booking agent, and will not act as one, when representing an artist, we act at a manager and a management contract MUST be signed before we can represent the artist.

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​​​Career Guidance & Marketing

With our vast 60 + years of experience in the entertainment business, we offer career guidance and marketing for you and your act.  It is essential to have the right look, sound, and materials to promote your act. You want to put your best foot forward and show the public what you have.  Most people think they can do it on their own,


You need someone who knows how to get you to the right people and into the right venues, someone with the knowledge and know-how to spot and fix any problems you may have with your act. Someone objective looking in from the outside who can see and correct any flaws you may have.

That's where we come in, we are able to take a look at your act, critique it and consult with you and guide you on ways to fix any problems you have, in other words, make it better.  

Our services include, But are not limited to: 

(1). Ongoing and unlimited career guidance

(2). Resume / Promo design and upgrading all to enhance your career

(3). Marketing to agents and talent buyers depending on the Artists field

(4). Set up and supervise photo/video sessions and meet with Artist to review and decide
      which photos and videos are best to promote Artist.

(5).  Your act is placed on the GSM TALENT MANAGEMENT WEBSITE for one year for maximum

       exposure and bookings.

(6). We will act in your interest as your manager and book you for a small % or you can book yourself,         all this and more!

Our services are invaluable to the artist who wants to move forward to get better-paying gigs.  .

The cost of our services is only $250.00 per month. "NO LONG TERM CONTRACT" Start and stop whenever you want. As long as you pay our fee, we will work for you. Don't pass up a great deal, it would cost you twice as much if you tried to do it on your own. Also, if you wish us to represent you, We have a small fee for those services, Contact us now,  Just use the form below, and give us as much info as you can. Send MP3 or link to:   www.gsmtalentmgmt@tampabay.rr.con